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Air duct cleaning can be so much easier! Make sure to follow these tips.

Start air duct cleaning early

When it comes to house care, air ducts are often overlooked, but are also one of the more difficult parts to clean. It can be quite difficult to clean them yourself, which is why Air Duct Cleaning Granada Hills recommends that you start when the amount of dirt and mold is at a minimum. This gives you a smaller amount of dirt to take care of.

Air sweep cleaning

Another useful air duct cleaning method is air sweep cleaning. For this method, you use a much larger vacuum and compressed air to clean the duct. Use the compressed air to separate the dust and debris away from the duct’s walls, while you use the vacuum to suck them in while they are in the air. This method can be time-consuming as you may have to do two steps, but is a more thorough way of removing dust.

The value of air duct coating

Air ducts are placed in the most peculiar parts of each property and ought to be well insulated in order for you to have better indoor insulation and avoid energy loss. The specialists of Air Duct Cleaning in Granada Hills suggest inspections and air duct coating.

The importance of HVAC maintenance

Maintaining the HVAC unit in perfect condition is very important for your indoor temperatures. It's important to include condenser unit cleaning in your program as well and repeat the maintenance procedures at least twice every year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Save energy with air duct repair

Loose tapes, severe damages or even tiny cracks on the duct panels will lead with mathematical precision to energy loss. Air will find other escape routes and the HVAC system will work twice as hard to produce the same level of temperatures required. Air duct seal repair will take care of the problem and save you energy.

Report broken air ducts in the office

Offices have industrial air ducts and HVAC systems. Maintaining the entire thing takes team effort. So if you notice something wrong with the duct visible from your seat, report it immediately to the maintenance personnel. It may look like a minor leak, but it could be a bigger problem than that.

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