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HVAC Unit Cleaning

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If you're concerned with the air quality inside your home, why not hire one of our professionals at Air Duct Cleaning Granada Hills to have a look at your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Did you know that clean and properly functioning HVAC unit helps restore optimal energy efficiency of your home, eliminates bad odors, and keeps the everyday environment of you and your family healthy and clean?HVAC Unit Cleaning

Keep Your Energy Bills Down

Besides a cleaner and safer home, you'll be living in, a HVAC system clean-up also helps you drastically reduce your heating and cooling bills. It's really simple; the dirt that piles up over the years in your vents and furnace drags the system down and clogs up the air pathways that lead to your home. In return, your furnace is under more strain to push the same amount of air it used to before. You might've noticed it's harder to maintain a desired temperature throughout your home or it takes longer to heat or cool a specific room. The impact could be quite strong and reflect on your monthly bills. Once our cleaning professionals are done, your HVAC unit will have no difficulty doing its job exactly as it should.

Installing a New Filter

If it’s time to replace the filter on either your furnace or the vents, why not give our professionals a call? We’ll inspect the state of your ventilation system and recommend a cleaning service if one is due before installing a new, high-grade filter that will keep the pollutants away from your living spaces.

HVAC Unit Repair Services

We are also your team to call if you encounter any troubles with your furnace. Having troubles turning on the heating during those cold months? Noticed it’s getting really difficult to get to the desired temperature lately? The problem may include more than just a dirty state of your ventilation system. If something went south with your unit, we’ll be quick to analyze and resolve the issue in a single visit.

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