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We at Air Duct Replacement Granada Hills ensure that all your air duct cleaning, maintenance and repair are looked after in a satisfactory manner. Our professionals are well versed in cleaning air ducts and vents, and cleaning heating and ventilation systems in residential as well as commercial settings. Our staff is highly skilled in providing these services and that too at very affordable prices. Build up of bacteria and mold is very common in air ducts. These harmful substances can become a part of the air that is flowing in your home and office and can become the cause of breathing diseases and have harmful effects on your health.Air Duct Replacement 24/7 Services

For residential air duct cleaning we provide a wide array of services like condenser unit cleaning, cleaning of vents, air quality test services, cleaning of exhaust system and water damage services. Our technicians are just a call away and will be available at your doorstep within a short time. We offer a customized service according to your need keeping in mind your budget objective. Since this is a task which might include accidents during work, we make sure that we are adhering to best practices. The machinery that we use is high tech and up to the industry standards. There are a number of factors which must be considered when air duct cleaning is concerned. The first of them is that the company should be licensed because the state of California requires that all such business acquire their licenses first before starting their operations. It is an additional plus if the company is certified by some renowned body in the industry like the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. Any reputable company will have aforementioned credentials. If a big contract is about to be given, it must be ascertained from the company’s older clients that how was their service and for how long have they been operating in the market.

We also provide our services to the commercial sector

We also deal in dryer duct cleaning services. Dryer duct cleaning is required when the amount of lint present in the vent reaches levels which maybe dangerous because of a fire hazard. Timely cleaning of such vents can avoid any costly accident. We are mentioning some signs which might mean that you are in need of our company’s services. If even after regularly cleaning dust from your furniture it is still there after sometime it means there is some problem the ventilation system. If the air flow is poor and people in the vicinity show signs of vomit, headache and inflammation in the eyes, nose and throat than it means something malicious is being ventilated in the air through the system. If there are pets in the vicinity, or people smoke often than you need an efficient ventilating system.

When you call for our services, our trained personnel will arrive at your home or office. After examining the mainlines in the furnace room they will fix the vacuum hose and will go through every vent in the vicinity and clean them. After this the mainline will be cleaned and the ventilation system will be completely disinfected using chemicals which are eco-friendly and in-line with industry standards. After all of this is done the customer will be given advice by our technician regarding how to look after the ventilation system until the need arises again.

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