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We're giving you all the facts.

This FAQ page answers all your questions on dryer vent cleaning. We're giving you all the facts. We help you understand how and why air duct cleaning can keep your house and office clean and present debates about the benefits of the service to health.

What is the difference between air duct sealing and coating?

The seal is used for covering holes and air leaks. When holes and leaks are properly sealed, the HVAC system will be more energy-efficient and the risk of it circulating contaminants will be lower. The coating, on the other hand, covers the inner walls of the ductwork. Its job is to prevent various contaminants from sticking to the walls, and more specifically the growth of microorganisms on the surface.

Why is my air duct filter getting dirty when our house is fully sealed and air-conditioned?

The dust and debris that get trapped in the air duct filter don't always come from outside of your house. They can be from the shed off dead skin cells of people living in the house, dust from the fireplace, fur from pets, dust from footwear brought inside the house, or cobwebs laid out by small house spiders. That's why experts at Air Duct Cleaning Granada Hills recommend regular filter replacement.

Why does EPA say that there are no possible health benefits to get from regular duct cleaning?

The EPA is not necessarily saying that regular air duct cleaning is unnecessary. What the agency is stating is that their studies have found no significant health benefits yet. Also, there are cases when poorly done air duct cleaning only results in higher dust levels in a house or building. There are benefits in air duct cleaning but the safety and effectiveness of cleaning systems used are still poorly understood.

How do I connect a metal to a plastic air duct?

Connecting a metal air duct to a plastic one is not a very difficult procedure. You just need the following items: a tape measure or ruler, a plastic-to-metal clamp-on coupler, screw and screw driver, and duct tape. Use the tape measure or ruler to measure the appropriate clamp-on coupler size to get. Once you have the coupler, attach the metal and plastic ducts together and screw them tightly. Use the duct tape to seal the point of connection.

Can air duct cleaning save my business money?

There are actually a number of financial benefits associated with ventilation cleaning. It removes any build-up of debris, which can increase the energy efficiency of your system and reduce energy bills. You may also find that regular cleaning will prolong your system and reduce the risk of breakdown. As the system is not under strain to circulate air through restricted ducts, it is more likely to perform effectively and efficiently which will save money on future maintenance.

Is it all right to keep the HVAC unit running 24/7?

Certain HVAC units are designed to run longer than others. Although the HVAC system can run for long hours even for days, it’s a good idea to shut it down at least overnight. Its efficiency can be affected if the system is overworked, and energy consumption easily piles up this way.

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