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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

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Commercial establishments in Granada Hills, California don’t have any problems when it comes to the maintenance, cleaning, repair and replacement of their air ducts. This is because there are several commercial air duct cleaning Granada Hills companies that offer their services in their area. A professional air duct cleaning business in Granada Hills have the right tools and the experience to keep air ducts on commercial structures clean and in good condition. If you need to have the air ducts in your office cleaned or repaired, start searching for the top air duct cleaning company to hire.Commercial Air Duct Cleaning 24/7 Services


Here are the services that you can avail from them:

    Commercial air duct cleaning
    Commercial dryer vent cleaning
    Air duct repair and replacement
    Dryer vent repair and replacement
    HVAC system cleaning and repair
    Air filter cleaning, repair and installation


These companies have extensive experience in providing these services on different facilities including:

    Commercial offices and buildings
    Hotels and restaurants
    Malls, supermarkets and grocery stores
    Schools, colleges and universities
    Warehouse facilities
    Manufacturing facilities
    Industrial facilities
    Homes, apartments, condominiums and townhouses


The average cost of commercial air duct cleaning in Granada Hills, CA is around $450 to $1000. However, this may vary depending on various factors such as the number and size of air ducts to be cleaned or repaired, their accessibility, severity of the case and materials used on the air ducts. There are companies that give additional charges on their travel mileage. If so, this will be added on the total cost of the service. To prevent high mileage fee, find companies that are local to your area.


There are various things to be considered when choosing the top commercial air duct cleaning company to hire

First, they should be licensed to perform their job. The state of California requires air duct companies to get their licenses before operating their business. A certification from a reputable organization like National Air Duct Cleaning Association or NADCA must also be verified. Ask for license and certification proofs. Professional companies will not have any problems providing documents that will prove that they really have the license and certification mentioned.


There are fraudulent companies that claim they are certified and licensed to offer air duct cleaning and repair services. But in reality, they don’t have them. They don’t even have the tools, skills, knowledge and training to give quality service. Because of this, your air duct concerns will not be resolved. This is a waste of money and time. You then need to hire another company to do the job. To prevent this from happening, thorough research must be done.


Determine how long the company has been offering their services. Those that have been operating for long years often offer quality service. But this is not always the case, as years doesn’t always equate to quality. Read feedbacks from their old clients to determine if they were satisfied with the service provided by the company. Some air duct cleaning companies may also give out references of previous clients that you can call to ask about their service.

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